Privacy notice

Saratage is specially developed to provide convenient, time-saving, reliable, and trusted expert services to customers. Your privacy matters the most to us and we are committed to complying with the personal data protection laws in the country.

1. Collection of Your Personal Data

We collect personal data from service professionals offering their products and services as well as from customers searching for those service professionals. Generally, customers are required to register as a customer to buy any of the product services offered by Saratage. We will collect your personal data such as name, mobile contact number for referral code, and e-mail address. This data will be used:

1. To access and buy Saratage Services in the Saratage application.
2. Send you e-mail and push notification upon requested services or anything related to the Saratage application; and
3. Adding your e-mail address regarding our promotional services in Saratage.

Then, the data that you have given to us will help us:-

1. To administer your use of our services as well as knowing how numerous times you have used services in Saratage.
2. To manage your user account every time you are using our services.
3. To collect your information on how you interact with our application and services.
4. To detect your pickup location when using the Saratage application.
5. To process your request upon services in Saratage and complete your transaction
within the application itself where you may prefer the payment method of cash or e-wallet.
6. To notify you if there are any service issues while you are browsing our application.
7. To contact you via e-mail, text messages, or phone calls regarding services before, during, and after ongoing services.
8. To invite you if there are events or activities conducted related to Saratage.
9. To alert you if there are any updates in the application.
10. To allow you to give your feedback and rating on the application itself.
11. To share your data with service providers or third parties related to transactions that have been made upon completed service.

2. Safety and Security

We will use your personal data in order to ensure your safety and security in registering to Saratage and using services inside the application itself. These include:-

1. Utilize screening of service providers to prevent misconduct activities while delivering their services to customers.
2. Verifying your account when login into Saratage User.
3. Using mobile, location, profile, and other personal data needed to identify unsafe activities.
4. Ensuring the service providers have their own licenses according to the monitored driver’s code of conduct.
5. Sharing location and details between service providers and customers while requesting and accepting the order.
6. Monitoring compliance with our terms and conditions, policies, and service provider code of conduct.
7. Detecting, preventing, and prosecuting a crime or any wrongdoing.

3. Customer Support

We prioritize delivering support to you as Saratage’s customers. As such, we will use your personal data for:-

1. Getting your feedback after completing services.
2. Answering your concerns regarding the application.
3. Improving our user accessibility in the Saratage User application.
4. Informing you of steps taken to solve the issues that may occur.

4. Research and Development

We may utilize your personal data for our research and development phase which allows us to identify your needs and preferences for services offered by Saratage. Through this, we can improve our services and develop new features according to your concern.

5. Data Protection

Saratage is committed to taking responsibility for your personal data to make sure that it is protected. Get assured that all your personal data will be safely and securely stored within the Saratage User application. We will;

1. Restricting access to your personal data;
2. Maintaining and actualizing measures to prevent unauthorized computer access;
3. Securely destroy or delete your personal data when it is no longer needed.

This is in accordance with the Personal Protection Data Act 2010. 

6. Contact Information

Saratage will protect any related information on user/provider information, please do not hesitate to contact us via the e-mail address at for any enquiring or our hotline at 013-8137608

7. Changes to Privacy Policy

Saratage may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. You will be notified if there is any change occurred. If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, you may contact us at or our hotline 013-8137608