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Keychain Pouch Coin

Multipurpose small bag attached with the metal ring that can be used as keychain. Made and design by the alumni of CENTEXS Fashion Technology using printed songket fabric.

Keychain Tengkolok

Tengkolok, also known as Tanjak, Destar is a traditional Malay or Indonesian male headgear made from long songket cloth folded and tied in a particular style. Nowadays, it is usually worn in ceremonious functions, such as royal ceremonies by royalties, and wedding ceremonies by grooms. The design of the keychain is inspired from the tengkolok, made by the alumni of CENTEXS Fashion Technology. Now, everybody can proudly use the tengkolok keychain as a mean to conserve and preserve our natural heritage and culture.

Keychain Terendak

Terendak is the Asian conical-shaped sun hat originating in East, South and Southeast Asia. The terendak keychain made by the alumni of CENTEXS Fashion Technology is made from printed songket fabric with some beads embellishments to complement the design.

Embroidery Keychain

lly began selling items on Instagram under the name "Elly Loe _Collection" in 2018, and she admitted that she finds stitching more relaxing than her other side hustles. That is also fairly straightforward. As a result, I can quickly sew up ideas whenever they come to me. A small design takes 45 minutes to sew. However, more difficult ones may take an hour or more. Elly also stated that she does not draw her patterns before sewing them. Elly never repeats any of her designs unless specifically requested, so each brooch, necklace, bookmark, and key chain has its own distinct design.